A Note From Steve

I am Steve Rhule and God gave me the gift of creativity. I recognized my gift at an early age and have spent my life creating things. My work ethic comes from an unshakeable foundation of faith by being born in a small farm town in Indiana from a long lineage of factory workers and farmers.

After high school I left the farm to serve my country. I joined the US Navy where I began my life journey. While traveling the world, I found my love of art. After four years in the Navy, I began my first formal art training in a sign shop as a neon glass blower. After six months I realized I was better than most of my associates at blowing glass and designing neon. I moved to Knoxville, Tennessee and started my own wholesale neon sign shop, Artlight Neon, which had a successful run as a neon sign shop for many years. Looking back today, I realize I pioneered neon for cars and motorcycles while just playing around making stuff look cool. I guess you’re not a pioneer until something gains popularity, which by the way, neon has become huge in today’s market place. While working everyday in the neon business it afforded me many contacts and led me to diversify my artistic energy.

One of those contacts led me to help a friend build and design sets for TV shows and commercials. I helped with the design and build out for many years of the Miss Teen USA, Miss USA, and Miss Universe Pageant as well as multiple signage and identity packages for the restaurant and retail store industries.

Seeking to get away from the sign business, I began to explore my passion for gardening. This hobby led to yard art, which led to creating a personal back yard environment where I could relax. I ended up building my back yard into a wonderland of waterfalls, personal art pieces, sculptures, and outdoor living spaces. What began as my personal art and sculpture collection became a desirable art product that family and friends began to buy. My art and sculpture work was selling as quickly as I could craft it. I shifted my focus to being a world-class gardening artist. I shut the neon shop down and began to follow that passion full time.

Strapping on my gardening boots, I began renting booth space in every home and garden show I could find. I started with The Dogwood Arts and Garden Show, where I took The Peoples Choice Award. This lead to the opening of Beegreener Outdoor Creations where we specialized in garden sculpture, custom fountains, waterfalls, ponds, and outdoor living spaces. I continued to focus on my art, winning more and more art shows.

The next thing I know I’m working on a back yard environment when my phone rang. It was a talent scout that had seen my work and wanted to know if I would be interested in having my own TV Show, I said “Heck yeah!” We filmed a pilot called Stone Age, and the DIY network bought it. We filmed for two years. It was a great time in my life as I got to work with my son Nick as a co-star in the show. I watched him grow into a wonderful waterfall artist and landscaper. After the filming of the show ended, I turned Beegreener over to him where he is now building a life of his own. I returned to my farm and studio at the foot of Buffalo Mountain in Scott County, Tennessee to seek the next chapter in my life.

With the passing of a friend who was cremated, my next project hit me right between the eyes. I realized that cremation urns were far from being an art piece. Back at Buffalo Mountain, I started gathering the natural resources in front of me and made an urn. It started to feed my constant desire of always looking for opportunities of change. I realized that the urns we have available today are mass-produced, uninspired, and do not reflect the colorful lives people live. So I set out to revolutionize this growing industry. I promise to create American Made Cremation Urns that do not look like urns. These hand crafted unique works of art will reflect the colorful lives and interests of those who rest inside. Please join me in my next adventure, The Revolution of Cremation Urns for People and Pets!

Steve Rhule 

Master Artist

Host of TV’s Stone Age logo-diy