Buffalo Mountain Studios

Settled on 136 acres in the mountains of East Tennessee, The Farm, is the perfect place for creative freedom and inspiration. I gather my inspiration from God’s creation, and transform what is already there into art. He makes most of it, I simply transform it into something useful. Wildlife on The Farm flourishes with deer, elk, and turkey. Wild flower meadows filled with birds, bugs, and snakes provide much entertainment. Let’s not forget about Mike, the shop dog. At night, the star filled skies provide the perfect way to recharge.


Pod Series

The ashes are compacted with a bonding agent, allowing for a smaller urn. This brick-like material eliminates the possibility of a accident that could cause the ashes to scatter.

Foundry Series

The Foundry Series has two options. The first is to use the cast pieces with an urn. The second process we put a small amount of ashes into the metal while it is being poured. This seals the ashes inside the mold making them part of the art.

Birdhouse and Planter Series

The ashes are mixed with glass fibers and a bonding agent, which are used to hand sculpt the artwork. When dried, this becomes stronger than concrete. These pieces can last a life time outside.

Nature Series

Made with recycled and renewable materials. Each piece is hand made in our studio. No two are exactly alike.

Mountain Series Keepsake Urns

Crafted with hand picked creek rock and other natural materials. Sculpted and hand painted one at a time. The compartment that hold the remains is easily sealed with a provided plug on the bottom. Can be used inside and outside.

Zen Series

These pieces of art are made with glass and stone found in the mountains of East Tennessee. Each piece is hand cut with diamond saws and diamond drills one at a time at our studio.