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FAERIE HILL,, a Unique, Whimsical, Mid-Size Cremation Urn for Human or Pet Ashes


FAERIE HILL is a Unique, Ceramic, Mid-Size or Sharing Cremation Art Urn for Human or Pet Ashes.  This Whimsical, One-of-a-Kind, American-made Art piece is created using eco-friendly renewable materials such as clay and is embellished with a ceramic, handmade and painted door. It can also include a handmade and painted mushroom if you so desire. It also includes decorative moss and handmade trees. The tree “trunk” is created and textured to resemble the bark of a tree. It measures approximately 8.5″ in diameter and 8″ tall, and holds approximately 118 cubic inches of ashes which can be inserted into the urn through the top. The tree top serves as the seal of the urn This Cremation Urns was designed and created by award-winning artist Steve Rhule, and includes a Certificate of Authenticity. FREE Domestic Shipping.  Turn-around time is 3-4 weeks. Subsequent orders may vary slightly from the original. All sales are final.

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